Term and Conditions

You must read, understand, accept and agree to all terms and conditions of this Agreement prior to using the application and / or receive content contained therein. By accessing or using applications and websites goergeaccaounting.com, the User is deemed to have understood and agreed to all of the contents in the terms and conditions below. Terms and conditions may be changed or updated at any time without prior notice. Alteration of the terms and conditions will be effective immediately after listed in Georgeaccounting.com site. If users have objections or disagree with the terms and conditions listed in this Agreement, then we recommend to not use Georgeaccounting.com, applications, and all services provided.

Intellectual Property Rights

PT Goldenhope Technology  is the sole owner or lawful licensee of all rights to the site, application, and site content Georgeaccounting.Com. The entire content contained in the website Georgeaccounting.Com include intellectual property that is protected by copyright laws and laws that protect intellectual property that applies worldwide. All title and intellectual property rights on the site and its contents remain at Georgeaccounting.Com We, affiliates or licensors Content Georgeaccounting.Com site. All rights not expressly stated in this Agreement or by We hereby reserved such as:

  • Whole Ownership of the Software.
  • Name Georgeaccounting.Com, articles, icons, illustrations, and logos are registered trademarks in various jurisdictions and are protected laws on copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property rights. It is strictly forbidden to use, modify, or put those brands above for personal interests and to discredit Georgeaccounting.Com.

Terms Of Use Applications, Services, and Data Transaction

  • Access usage and application sites Georgeaccounting only allowed for the purposes and interests of the recording and analysis of data input and output, as well as information related to the services of this website
  • Users are not allowed to reproduce, distribute, display, sell, lease, transmit, create derivative works from, translate, modify, reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile or otherwise exploit Georgeaccounting.Com applications and websites.
  • This site may contain advertising or internet links to other websites owned and operated by third parties. You need to know, that we are not responsible for the operation of or content located on such sites.
  • At certain times we may increase or reduce certain features. Users are allowed to provide input to Georgeaccounting passing Feedback page, but the implementation and development will fully be right for Georgeaccounting.
  • All financial transaction information that you enter on the application will be stored Georgeaccounting, confidential, and protected as much as possible. We will not share, sell, lease, exchange or give your financial information to a third party.
  • Georgeaccounting.com will make every effort so that your financial data is always available, awake, and can be accessed at any time via the Internet. But we do not guarantee that Georgeaccounting always error-free, smooth always accessible, and always able to meet the needs of the user bookkeeping. We will always seek these things by utilizing the resources we have.
  • Georgeaccounting released from various responsibilities, whether written or not, if there is chaos or things happen that are beyond our capabilities, such as natural disasters, riots, destruction and disruption of the server, as well as damage to the global Internet network.
  • To maintain and improve the capacity of the service, Georgeaccounting entitled to hold the server maintenance, systems, and databases, whether periodical or sudden. This activity may be causing interference on services, such as access delays, no storage of the data, can not login, can not register, as well as offline altogether.
  • Georgeaccounting.com not responsible for any loss of data, not the data repository, or destruction of data due to a delay or disruption Internet connection used by the user.
  • To maintain the service to all active users, we reserve the right delete account Zero if not used for more than three months since registration. Zero Account is an account that does not exist at all transaction data, there was no activity at all, or not been used at all since the account is registered (empty account).
  • To maintain the service to all active users, we reserve the right remove Passive Accountdan all data in it if it is not used for more than one year since the last transaction recorded. Passive Account is an account that has been used but its use was discontinued, which indicated the absence of activity of transaction records again. More on the management of personal data and the user’s transaction data can be read further:

Privacy Policy

All personal information you provide will only be protected by Georgeaccounting.com Pepeku.com. Any information you provide is limited to purposes related to Georgeaccounting.com process and no other purpose. We may change this Privacy Policy from time to time to perform subtraction or addition of the provisions on this page. You are encouraged to read this Privacy Policy periodically to find out the latest changes.


You are required to register (registration) to be able to access the service at full Pepeku application. To register on the site goergeaccounting.com, we require the following information:


email address

phone number

We assume that the information you provide today and the changes you make in the future are accurate and true. If the information and given the changes that proved not true, then we are not responsible for any consequences that may occur in connection with the provision of information and changes that are not true.

Use of Personal Data

All personal information that we obtain from you voluntarily at the time of registration will be stored there, use, and protect in accordance with the data protection legislation and this privacy policy. Your information we collect to provide the best service for you. Your information will be used for:

Login and logout process when you use the application.

Your contact for the purposes of research or development of the site, so we can improve services, and / or to customize the site to provide the services most in demand by you.

To administer a promotion, surveys, market research, focus groups or other.

Georgeaccounting.com administrative purposes.

We only use your personal information for purposes Georgeaccounting.com and we will not share, sell, lease, exchange or give your personal information to third parties without your consent.

Connections to Other Sites

To facilitate your use of, our website may provide links to websites other third parties. However, when you visit these links, we are not responsible for any information that you provide to those sites. Each website has its own privacy policy handling and we are not responsible for the content of their site. Therefore, you should be careful and study the privacy policy statements applicable on those sites before providing your information.

Registered Users – Membership

By choosing to create the account as a member of the site Georgeaccounting.Com, Member Georgeaccounting.Com will provide information such as email and password when completing the registration process.

Members Georgeaccounting.Com responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of your account name and password as well as Registered Users are solely responsible for all activities conducted in the name of the Registered User account. We are not responsible in case of misuse of the account, data manipulation, data erasure, or blocking of the user account due to negligence in maintaining and managing passwords.

Georgeaccounting try as much as possible so that only registered users who know their passwords, but we are not responsible for user password leaks due to negligence in the store, recall, or share passwords over to other parties.

Georgeaccounting.Com members agreed to:

  • Promptly notify Us of each of the alleged unauthorized use / invalid with pengatasnamaan name of your Member account.
  • Ensure that Member Georgeaccounting.Com exit (log out) of the account at the end of the activity on the site Georgeaccounting.Com to avoid the possibility of abuse of the account in question.
  • Always be careful to click a link in an email or other means to prevent password theft.
  • We will never ask for your password for any purpose.
  • If in doubt on the validity of the email and a link contained in the email, which asks for a username or password, or that contain links to sites Georgeaccounting.com or application, which seemed to come from us, Registered Users can ask it directly to us via the Feedback page.

We are fully entitled to restrict, block or terminate the services of an account, prohibit access to the site Georgeaccounting.Com and content, service, remove hosted content, and take legal steps to keep users Georgeaccounting.Com else if we deem such activity violates applicable laws, infringe the intellectual property rights of the parties concerned, or commit an offense in violation of the things contained in this Agreement.

That Member Georgeaccounting.Com not allowed to sell, attempt to sell, offer to sell, or otherwise transfer an Account, User ID or password to any third party without the knowledge and prior written consent of Us. We may suspend or terminate a Member Account Account Georgeaccounting.Com or transferee of Member Georgeaccounting.Com sold, offered for sale, or otherwise transferred in violation of the provisions of this Article. If the limited ability Us in identifying violations, then the entire result, the risk is the responsibility of the Member Georgeaccounting.com that transfer.