Frequently Ask Question

Georgeaccounting is a web-based accounting software designed for small-scale trading company or medium. Georgeaccounting an accounting software that is easy, safe and and support the daily operations of the company, and can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.

There are 3 types of package are provided in Georgeaccounting, namely

Professional Package

This package is suitable for retail outlets or gallery in the mall, which serves the sales cash directly. Once users enter data items to be sold, then the transaction can be done directly, without having to enter the stock in advance, because of the auto-adjustment system stock. Nevertheless features and corrections stock purchases remain reserved. Report sales and profit-loss selling and stock available in various formats to facilitate analysis of business development. Example areas of business: Gallery clothes and accessories, grocery store, garage.

Gold Package

Retailer / store that has developed which not only serve the required cash transaction system that could accommodate both non-cash transactions related to suppliers or customers. Gold Package offers features that accommodate

that, apart from all the features of the Professional packaged. Starting from the purchase / sale of credit / non-cash until payment payable / receivable and accounts payable so that reports can be presented.

Debt maturity or receivables Maturity well monitored in this package.

Example areas of business: Minimarket, Workshop, Distributors, Pharmacies

Platinum Package

Besides payable / receivable that should be carefully monitored, in the end it should be noted also

revenues or costs incurred by the company’s operations.

Platinum Package provides all the features of the Professional dipackage and Gold plus

with the use of accounting estimates and ultimately financial reports such as balance sheet accounting, net income / loss, ledgers can be presented. Example areas of business: Distributor, Pharmacies.

To be able to subscribe Georgeaccounting who spends perlua there is a computer or a laptop that has a minimum spefisikasi premises DualCore 2.20GHz processor and 2GB of RAM. And another is an internet connection with a minimum speed is 512 Kbps.

Any person accessing Georgeaccouting have different user_name and password. This is to ensure that only registered users Georgeaccouting system that can enter and access data. And each user will only be able to access the data or features into access rights, so that the user should others be different or not registered in the same package can not see any other user data.

To add a user, you simply buy a license existing user additions dimenu payment.

Georgeaccounting provide tutorials either in writing or video that you can access in www.georgeaccounting.com click on the Tutorial. In addition Georgeaccounting also providing a forum in which, the user can send the ticket to inquire about how to work with using Georgeaccounting, and will be answered by the team support Georgeaccounting. In addition, the diforum user can also view other ticket-tickets submitted by users Georgeaccouting the other, so that if there is a similar case to be asked to immediately see the solution that has been given by the team support Georgeaccouting.

In Georgeaccouting has one unique feature is the auto-adjustment. When this feature is enabled, then after the data item inventory is entered, then the user is able to directly enter the items for sale in the Sales menu, without entering the stock first. As for the service item can be directly incorporated into the sales menu.

If there is insufficient stock message, do penecekan on the inventory balance, can be seen on the menu Products & Services -> Quantity column. If the Quantity that were there less than that will be sold then do additional stock in advance through the purchase or correction stock.

Make checks the balance of the stock through Stock Reports menu -> Card Stock. Note the existing transaction history for the goods in question. There is shown the final balance after the transaction. Make sure the date and time a new transaction that will dientrykan, there is a stock that can be sold.

This message will you get when no Internet connection is interrupted, be sure your Internet connection is not impaired.

When this info you get when you make a transaction, be sure to press the Enter key at the time after loading the data in the transaction column. And when it no longer resolved then your transaction screen capture and enter into Georgeaccounting ticket system.

Suppose you need specific features that are not available in the packages have been provided Georgeaccoutting, submit a request to the system there Georgeaccounting Ticket for our review. Team support will notify you via email about special requests.

Yes, the first step is to cancel your subscription package Payment menu, and then make the purchase a new license package.

Could, for each data Supplier, Product & Service and Customer can be uploaded from a file excel / csv. The format can be downloaded on the corresponding menu.

All the data you have entered can be downloaded in Excel format. As for transaction data can be downloaded via the report menu.