Data Supplier

Supplier is a company or person where we purchase goods or services. When we make purchases on credit we will have a debt to suppliers. Supplier data must be entered prior in order to make purchases. Here is how to enter the supplier data:

  1. Click on the Suppliers in the menu on the right, as follows:
  2. It will show the list as follows:gb2
  3. To add the data click on the btn-add button, so it appears as follows:
    General Tab :

    No# : A specific code of the data such as sku or account number
    Name : The name of the supplier
    Address : Address of suppliers
    State : State/Region/Province
    City : City of the supplier
    Notes : Additional information relating to suppliers
    Telephone : Telephone number, more than one can be added with a comma (,)
    Fax : Fax No
    Contact : Supplier Contact person
    Emails : Email
    Web : Web Address


    Tab Others:

    Terms : Payment deadline to suppliers.
    Taxes : Default VAT (Value added Tax), there are three options available: none, include, and exclude.
  4. To make corrections, select the data in the list and then click the btn-edit.gb5 button.
  5. The supplier data can be removed if the supplier has not been used in a transaction. Click the button btn-deleteto delete the supplier`s information.