Data Product & Services

The Product is an item purchased from suppliers and then sold to the customer. In addition to the sale of goods, the system can also record sales of services and non-inventory products. To record and add goods or services select the menu “Product & Services” like in the image below :

In order to create a list of goods and services such as the following, Click on the btn-add button to display the data as follows:

SKU : Code product / service, each product / service has different SKUs and should not be the same.
Name : Name of product / service, this name will appear in the form of purchase or sale transaction.
Type : There are 2 Types: Products and Services. Use a “Product” for sales that have inventory and stock. Use “Services” for sales that do not have a stock.
Expense Account : An account that is used to keep record of the costs of our products and services.
Income Account : An account that is used to record sales of the products or services.
Inventory Asset Account : This account is used when we choose “inventory” and is used to record the value of our purchases.
Units, Conversion, Price, and Barcode : A standard feature of our system is that the smallest unit of measure is 1 and cannot be changed.
To add another unit, the new conversion must be based on the smallest unit.
Product A has three units: PCS, BOX and BAL.
1 BAL   = 5 BOX
1 BOX  = 10 PCS
For this case, the

  1. The smallest unit is PCS with Conversion equal to 1
  2. The second unit is equal to the Conversion BOX with 10
  3. The third unit is equal to the Conversion BALL with 50

From the above cases, it can be concluded that the Conversion is based on the smallest unit that has the same Conversion by 1. The Price (List Price) and Barcode can be distinguished by different units.

Cost : Price of purchase from a supplier in the smallest unit.
Disc1 (%), Disc2 (%) : Discount sales , will appear in automatically in a sales transaction.
Reorder : Quantity reorder is to determine the limits of minimum stock in the smallest unit that must exist in the inventory . If the reorder quantity is not zero, then the product will be included in the finished goods inventory report if the stock is worth the same as or less than the Reorder value.
Supplier : Company or person selling product / service who we buy the product / services from.
Categories : Group or Category of Product or Services . These categories can be set in the menu Configuration – > Categories such as the following :gb7It will look like the following:Code   : Category Code, should not be the same for each category

Name : Category Name
Click the btn-add button to add a new category, to make corrections or edit the existing categories click the btn-edit button. We can erase the category data by selecting from the list of categories and clicking the btn-delete button. Categories of goods cannot be deleted when it is used in the setting of Products and Services.

Active / In-Active : Products & Services ” Active ” can be used in all transaction activities. ” In – active ” Products and Services cannot be used in transactions

To edit, choose the product or service on the list and then press the btn-editbutton. As for removing, select the product or service on the list and press the btn-deletebutton. For every Products & Services that has been used in the transaction, it cannot be removed from the activities. If Products & Services is no longer used , it can be disabled from Product & Services.