Customer Data

Customer : A company or person who buys Products & Services we sell. When customers buy the Products & Services we sell on credit it will populate in receivables to the customer. We must add customer data in advance in order to use the sales transaction feature.

Select the menu as follows :


It will show a list like this:
To add customer data press the btn-add button, so it appears as follows:

Tab General
No # : A specific Code or account number.
Name : Name of the Customer.
Phone : Office Phone.
Email : Office Email
Fax : Fax Number
Bank : Bank Name/Location
Account # : Bank Account Number
Address, State, City, Postal Code : Customer Address
Tab Others
Contact Person, Jabatan, Handphone, Email, Pimpinan : Customer Contact Information.
Delivery Address : Delivery address of Goods and Services
Billing Address : Billing Address for Customer Invoice
Tab Defaults
Use for Default Customer Sales : If this feature is checked, then the default customer’s code will show upon opening.
Use for Default Sales Receipts : If this feature is checked , then the default customer’s code will show upon new Sales Receipt transaction.
Inclusive Tax : If this feature is checked then you have the choice of included or excluded.
Invoice Due Date Reminder, Day Reminder, Repeat Day Reminder : If this feature is enabled then there will be info to remind the user to send information about the invoice is due date before number ( Day reminder ) days before the due date and will be repeated every number ( Repeat day Reminder ) during the day prior to maturity.
A / R Account : Accounts receivable – money owed to your by customer from their purchases.
Term : Invoice Maturity Date
Salesman : Salesman will be automatically selected at the time of sale. The Salesman data can be accessed in the menu Configuration -> Salesman like in the image below:

So it will look like the following :

Code, Name, Address, Phone, Mobile, Contact, State, Notes is all personal information of the salesman.

Use default location is a feature to change the location at the time of making the transaction invoice

Use as default salesmen on the invoice’s transaction is when, every salesman making of this invoice will be elected

User as the default ‘s salesman on sales receipts ‘s transaction is when this feature is checked , then each
manufacture sales receipt transaction , it will automatically be selected salesman

To perform editing, select the data in the list and press the btn-edit button. To Delete the salesman data, select from the list and press the btn-delete button. If Salesmen are already used in a transaction they cannot be deleted.

Disc1 (%), Disc2 (%), Disc3 (%) : DISC1 ( % ) and Disc2 ( % ) is the discounted item and Automatically filled. Disc3 ( % ) is the invoice discount and automatically to be charged at the time of sale.

To perform editing / correction select the data in the list and press the btn-edit button. As for deleting customer select from the list and press the btn-delete button. Customers that have been used in the transaction cannot be deleted.