The Transaction Bill is used to record the purchase of goods/services from the supplier.  It is connected to the inventory system and will automatically increase stock. The type of service should automatically be entered into the cost of the service.

The Transaction Bill will cause creation of debt to the supplier.  Settlement of debt to suppliers can be viewed in Bills Payment or Supplier Debt Payment. Select the Transaction menu – > Expense – > Bill shown in the following picture :


It will look like the following :


To add a transaction Bill, press the btn-addbutton, so it appears as follows:


Supplier : Type in the code or the name of the supplier, it will show a list of suppliers that already exist in the system. Select a supplier from the list .


Date : Date of Transaction
Transaction # : Transaction Number is Automatic generated
Terms : Maturity date of Bill payment
Ref # : Reference number for the transaction, generally is an invoice number or delivery orders from suppliers
Date’s Ref : Date of the reference document from suppliers
Location : The location where the inventory is added.  Setting up a Location can be done by the Configuration – > Location as shown in the following picture :


Click the Location menu , and then will be displayed as follows:


Items : Enter the product/service that is purchased from a supplier in the “Items” field. You can put multiple items like the following:


Type in the code field to so it will display a list of products and services in accordance with the criteria you entered. Select one by double-clicking it.  Enter the amount purchased in the “Qty” column and the purchase price of a product/service in the “Price” column.

Discounts per online casino nederlandsegokken item can be entered in columns “DISC1”(%) and “Disc2” (%).  The Disc column displays the total discount purchases for DISC1 ( % ) and Disc2 ( % ) .



Total : Sub-total of the invoice
Disc (%) : Discount percentage
Disc (USD) : Discount Amount in the currency
Total Before Tax : Sub-total – After Discount
Tax : There are three (3) options: none, Include, and Exclude.
Cash : Purchase from suppliers can also be paid in full by cash. If its Term is 0 days ( in cash ) , the way to proceed is as follows :

1.     Click the tab Cash so it appears as follows:


2.     Select the type of payment and the account

3.     Enter the payment amount in column “amount”


Total Payable : The Grand Total – (Cash) Total Payable, if not zero, will be payable to the Supplier.

Press the btn-savebutton to save Bill. For transactions that has not been paid, it can still be Edited or deleted.
Select the transaction Bill on the list,

click the button btn-editto edit and btn-deletebutton to delete.